Intrasense and the Myrian® Studio team will be happy to welcome you in Chicago, from Nov. 26 to Dec. 1. Let’s meet in our booth #6544 ! 2016

Myrian Studio 2.3 version is release and available for download, including the new Quick patient control, and the PACS Agent mecanism which offer you a very powerful integration mecanism !   1984


Dowload Myrian® Studio

Go to the Download page and click the link.


Execute the installer

There is only one installer but it bundles two different packages: Myrian® Community and Myrian® SDK


Install Myrian® Community

This will install all the Myrian Community runtime in both debug and release and all the standard protocols.


Select a destination folder

Default destination is the standard Programs folder, but you can choose any other folder.

A link to Myrian® executable will be created on the desktop.


Install Myrian® C++ SDK and Clinical App Toolkit

This will install the all the documentation and all the C++ samples.
Note: The Clinical App samples are part of the runtime, they are installed with Myrian® Community.


Select a destination folder

Default destination is the Public Documents folder, but you can choose any other folder.

A link to that folder will be created on the desktop.


Installation Complete

You have now installed Myrian® Community, the C++ SDK and the Clinical App Toolkit.
You are ready to rumble.


Launch Myrian®

You should find the following icons on your desktop:
-one icon to launch Myrian®
-one icon to display the C++ SDK documentation
-one icon to display the Clinical App Toolkit documentation
-one icon to open the folder containing alld the C++ samples.


Import DICOM files

Click the Import button at the top of the screen or drop some DICOM files from the Windows Explorer into the local study list.


Select a folder containing DICOM files

Browse for DICOM files. Detected series will show in the list.

Select the ones you want to import and click the Import button.


Open series

Select a study or a series and click the Open Series button to select a protocol.

You can also use the Quick Protocols buttons at the bottom.


Select a protocol

If you clicked the Open Series button, you should now select a protocol.

For example, select the Samples family and click the Hello World button to open the selected DICOM series with this sample protocol.


Try out sample viewports

Once your DICOM series is loaded Inside the workspace, click on any viewport orientation menu (top left of the viewport) and select one of the sample viewports.

All those viewports are implemented in the C++ samples installed with the SDK.

The screen organizer takes care of the position, size and visibility of all frames on the screen (frames can be Myrian® build-in windows as well as user-defined windows). This new mecanism offers many possibilities, from minor reorganization of the default layouts to complete relooking of the user interface. 1807

Myrian Studio 2.2 version is release and is now available for download, including the new screen organizer mecanism, XML button groups as overlays, and much more. 1795

Intrasense and all the Myrian Studio team wish you the best for this new year, may 2017 bring you hapiness and good health. We look forward to increase further interest for Myrian Studio and to work together on successful and challenging medical applications with all of you ! cartevoeux3

Write your Segmentation or volume processing function with Matlab®*, compile them and copy the generated dll inside the myrian addon folder and you will get a new operator available in Myrian® without any C++ coding required ! 1318

The 2.1 version of Myrian studio is released, you can get it from our download page. Enjoy ! 361

To help you create new add-ons we now include with the sdk (starting from 1.20 version) a project wizard for Microsoft Visual Studio. This wizard will let you choose which addon(s) you want to implement in your project and automatically generate the main class and fill the required interfaces to declare your addon. All you have to do then is to fill the processing methods with your own algorithms. 417

The myrian Studio Blog is now open ! We will keep you updated with the sdk major improvements, new versions available, futur training or presentation dates, useful tools or ideas… We want to share as much as we can with you and stimulate some exhange between all the myrian studio users. Don’t hesitate to propose topics or ideas as well, give your feedbacks or send some overview of your developements with us !