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    Is it possible to add custom measurements/statistics to your own OOI? I want them to show up in the advanced measurements window (attached).



    The measurement module in Myrian is not yet part of the SDK unfortunately, this is one of the next major evolution
    we have in plan. That will allow to compute custom measures from an addon as you propose, as well as let the
    possibility to fully customize the measurements window depending on the application.
    For the moment you can therefore compute whatever you measure, store it as a member variable in the factory
    class of your module, then use it as you want: for instance display your values inside a viewport or in the
    button group.
    You can give a look to viewport addon sample: some measurements values are computed by a click tool, then
    stored in an array member of the factory class, and displayed dynamically in the button group.
    They are also added to the report template in the MyAddonFactory::PrepareReport method.

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