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    I would like to know how to switch view display mode from stacked to grid.
    I used the following code to set all my views to grid mode.
    But it doesn’t seems to change anything in the display of my views.

    ISDKWorkspace* pIWorkspace = nullptr;
    ISDKViewControl* pViewControl = nullptr;
    ISDKViewInfo * pView = nullptr;
    SDKCORE->QueryInterface(MKUID(ISDKWorkspace), (void**)&pIWorkspace);
    for (int i = 0; i < pIWorkspace->GetViewCount(); ++i)
      pIWorkspace->GetViewAt(i, MKUID(ISDKViewInfo), (void**)&pView);
      pView->QueryInterface(MKUID(ISDKViewControl), (void**)&pViewControl);
      ISDKViewControl::ViewSetDisplayModeData data(ISDKDisplayMode::DM_STACKANDGRID, ISDKDisplayMode::eSTACKANDGRIDVAL::FS_STACK);
      pViewControl->Execute(ISDKViewControl::ViewSetDisplayMode, &data);

    What ISDKViewControl::ViewSetDisplayMode is supposed to do ?

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    This command has no effect if the views are not displayed in “accumulated” mode in the workspace. Accumlate views means that instead of having one view per “spot” in the workspace, all views are located inside the same spot. A spot is a grid emplacement. The count of spots depends on the current view layout set in the display protocol.
    For exemple, if you have a pagelayout element like this:
    <pagelayout type="grid" columns="2" rows="1" >
    you have 2 view spots in the workspace.

    The accumulation mode is set with an option in the element in the display protocol:
    will open all views in the same spot in the workspace, and only one view will be visible at a time
    will open all views in the same spot in the workspace, and all views will be visible in a grid. Note that all views are in the same spot, this is the spot that is divided to show all views in grid mode.

    This mode is quite specific and is mainly used in Myrian for the visualisation of CR series, for which each image is displayed in a separate view.

    If you rather intend to maximize one view, you should use the mode ISDKDisplayMode::DM_FULLSCREEN instead.
    In this case the data can be FS_MAXIMIZE to maximize the view, FS_NORMAL to restore it, or FS_TOGGLE to toggle between the two states.





    Yes I found the “accumulated view” section in the SDK documentation thanks to you 🙂
    The point of my question was simply to be able to load multiple series while having only one view in the spot^^

    I followed to SDK doc and added in my .display

    <pagelayout type="Grid" rows="1" columns="1" />
    <view appindex="0" options="accuone" />

    That does the job.

    Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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