Your development environment for medical imaging

Myrian® Studio offers engineers and researchers working in medical imaging a powerful clinical frame to integrate their technologies.

The easiest way to bring your R&D work
to the clinical world.

2516DF5D-6198-4C5B-A291-FFC44F512C4B   Extend Myrian®

Develop add-ons using the C++ SDK to integrate new technology in the Myrian® platform.

A07FF18C-D79A-4994-9808-BA1C48E004F2   Build applications

Try the XML Clinical App Toolkit to create complete clinical applications with reading workflows and dedicated user interface.

8609D9A0-C3C4-40F7-A9DA-7BBAFC6D149E   Easy learning

A complete documentation and many samples provided to help you get started.
Stand by us through the technical forum too!

Myrian® Studio includes:

> Myrian® C++ SDK
> Myrian® Clinical App Toolkit

Latest News :

Myrian® Studio 2.6 is released

Get started and setup your developement environment from our download page.

Discover our blog

The Myrian® Studio blog is open, stay tuned with our latest news!

The Myrian® connector for Matlab®* is available

Coming with the 2.1 version, you can now use your Matlab®* code directly within Myrian® without any C++ coding required ! The connector allows to build segmentation tools or volume operators. [learn more]

* MATLAB® is a registered trademark of the MathWorks, Inc.

Myrian® Studio, designed by INTRASENSE

Myrian® Studio is released by Intrasense, a French medical imaging software company.

Our development team is based in Montpellier, in the south of France.

For any additional information or request, do not hesitate to contact us: