Reorganize all frames of the application: The Screen Organizer mecanism.

The screen organizer takes care of the position, size and visibility of all frames on the screen (frames can be Myrian® build-in windows as well as user-defined windows). This new mecanism offers many possibilities, from minor reorganization of the default layouts to complete relooking of the user interface.

Myrian® various sceens are organized as layout of Frames.

For instance, the study list screen is composed of 3 frames by default : the main buttons (blue frame on the capture below), the logo panel (green frame) and the main window (red frame).

The workspace screen contains 5 frames : the main buttons (blue frame), the button panel (cyan frame), the mouse buttons (green frame), the views (red frame) and the information toolbars (yellow frame).

Myrian screens windows : study list screen (left), workspace screen (right)

The organization of frames on every screen is defined in an XML file called screenorganizer.xml. You can override the default file and change the screen organization in many ways.

You can:

  1. Show/Hide frames (using screenorganizer.xml or using the XML command AppFrameCmd)
  2. Add new user-defined frames (using screenorganizer.xml and add-ons)
  3. Change the position and size of built-in frames (using screenorganizer.xml or using the XML command AppFrameCmd)
  4. Change frame properties (using screenorganizer.xml or using the XML command AppFrameCmd)
  5. Create multiple frame sets and select the one want you at any time (using screenorganizer.xml for the initial frame set and using the XML command AppFrameCmd for subsequent ones)

See below some exemple of myrian screens with frame samples added all over the place. Those exemples are details in the SDK documentation.

Frames added to the default screens : study list screen (left), workspace screen (right)

Frames can be implemented in add-ons using the IAddonFrameProvider and IAddonFrame interfaces.

Learn more on frames implementation in the Myrian SDK.chm documentation file, and on the screen organizer xml descritpion in the Myrian Clinical App Toolkit.chm documentation.