Author: DAP

This article describes how to retrieve context information once Myrian has stopped working, using dump files.

Creating a dump file

When Myrian crashes, the following window may appear (or another of its variants).

Do not close the window. Instead, open the Task Manager, right click on Myrian and Create a dump file.
Once the dump is done, you can close Myrian.

Opening a dump file

Open Visual Studio. Myrian and Visual should use the same code version in order to make full use of the dump file.

Open the dump file, menu “File/Open/File”.

A file summary appears. Click on “Debug with Native Only”.


If you used a single version of Myrian, everything will be as if Myrian was launched in Release linked with Visual Studio. It means you will have the call stack, the line causing the crash and you will be able to go through the different running threads through the parallel stack.

To help you create new add-ons we now include with the sdk (starting from 1.20 version) a project wizard for Microsoft Visual Studio. This wizard will let you choose which addon(s) you want to implement in your project and automatically generate the main class and fill the required interfaces to declare your addon. All you have to do then is to fill the processing methods with your own algorithms.