Dicom Validator

dicomvalidateIf you install David Clunie’s Dicom Tools, you will get a tool called Dicom Validator (dciodvfy.exe) that can parse a DICOM file and report invalid fields (either warnings or errors). You can fin that validator here: http://www.dclunie.com/dicom3tools/workinprogress/winexe/

You can now use this tool from within Myrian, from the contextual menu (right click) of the DICOM dump window that appears in various places (study list thumbnails, scrapbook, viewports, import, etc). All you have to do is declare the location of tool Inside _intrasense.txt


 DICOMVALIDATOR=C:\Users\jca\Desktop\Dicom Validator\dciodvfy.exe


The path to the DICOM file will be added on the command line of the tool. If you need other command line options or want to use another tool, you can define a more complex command line with another setting. For example:

 DICOMVALIDATOROPT=-i -verbose %file%

If you use that setting, you must explicit specify where to put the path to the DICOM file, using the tag %file%

Now when you start the tool from a DICOM Dump window, a DOS box will open and the tool will be executed on the DICOM file you are looking at. The results will appear directly in the DOS window.

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