Who is Myrian® Studio for?

Myrian® Studio is for engineers and researchers working in medical imaging and image processing. It provides a full featured environment for rapid prototyping of new technologies and new clinical applications. It is not for commercial use.

How is the intellectual property handled on the modules I create?

The intellectual property remains all yours. If you want to turn your work into a commercial product, email us at myrian.sdk@intrasense.fr.

Can I share one of my add-ons with colleagues/partners?

Add-ons can be shared between all users of Myrian®. They cannot be used with certified clinical applications of Myrian® unless they have an official add-on GUID and are part of a certification package.

Where is the trap?

There is no trap. Myrian® Studio is free and everything you do with it is yours. We have a great platform for medical imaging and clinical application development, we simply want more people to be aware of it and make great things with it.

What is the goal for Intrasense?

Our goal is to create privileged relationships with the academic world.

How do I get Myrian® Studio?

You can download the latest version right here. If you need technical support, feel free to register on our technical forum.

What Operating System are supported?

The Myrian® Platform supports only the Windows operating system, starting with Windows Vista up to Windows 10 (64 bits only).

Can I use third-party libraries?

You can use any third-party Library you wish to use, as long its license allows it. For example, we have a sample that uses the OpenSlide Library to load and display whole-slide images used in digital pathology.

What is the required development environment for writing add-ons?

You can use any C++ compatible IDE but we recommend using Microsoft® Visual Studio Community Edition. All our samples and libraries are tailored for Visual Studio 2015.

What programming language can I use to write add-ons?

Myrian® SDK is a Native C++ SDK. It also uses some MFC classes. Therefore, Add-ons need to be written in Native C++. That said, inside an add-on you can mix Native an Managed C++ therefore it is possible to write parts of your add-on using .NET. Check-out the clraddon sample.

Can I use my Matlab code inside Myrian® Studio?

Matlab code can be compiled into DLLs. You can then use those DLLs from inside a Myrian® add-on. Some wrapping/unwrapping of data structures will be required.