Myrian® Studio

Your development environment for medical imaging

Give your technologies a user-friendly and powerful clinical frame: Myrian® Studio is the easiest way to bring your R&D work to the clinical world.

Get up to speed quickly with the complete documentation, samples and development tools provided to help you implement your first add-ons.

Try it now! Myrian® Studio is completely free.

Myrian® Studio comprises of Myrian® Community Edition,
Myrian® C++ SDK, and Myrian® Clinical App Toolkit

Create your own add-ons to extend Myrian®

Develop C++ add-ons using the SDK to integrate new technology inside the Myrian® Platform


And build convivial & powerful medical applications!

Use XML to create optimized reading workflows with dedicated user interfaces and tools



Myrian® Studio 2.1 version is released!

Get Started and setup your development environment

Myrian® Studio is released by Intrasense, a french medical imaging company. Our development is based in Montpellier.

For any additional information or request do not hesitate to contact us: