Myrian Studio 2.2 is released

Myrian Studio 2.2 version is release and is now available for download, including the new screen organizer mecanism, XML button groups as overlays, and much more.

The main updates with this version are :

  • Viewports can now support multiple overlays. Therefore, the overlay attribute of the frame element supports multiple UIDS and the overlayparam attribute supports multiple parameters. Same thing for the VpActivateOverlay command. You can activate/deactivate each overlay individually
  • You can use XML button groups as overlays using the built-in overlay object overlaybtngroupxml.
  • A new mecanism called Screen Organizer is now included with the SDK to let you organizer the various application screens: study list and workspace. See our dedicated post to learn more !
  • Custom controls can define their own property evaluators.

Find the complete list of updates on the “Release Notes” sections of the “MyrianSDK.chm” and “Myrian Clinical App Toolkit.chm” documentation files.