Myrian Studio 2.4 is released

Myrian Studio 2.4 version is released and available for download.


The main updates with this version include :

  • Myrian platform:

    • Multi-Monitor: You can now keep your study list displayed on one monitor while series are opened on others.
    • Data Management: The clear all series data has been extended to remove the measures of selected exam from its clinical cases, if any.
    • Protocol Management: Protocol assigned to double click configurable per modality.
    • 3D improvement: speed, quality, handling of high resolution monitors.
    • Quick series replaced by Quick Patient. The quick patient is opened by default. If you want to prevent it, you can go to “Preferences/Display” and uncheck “Open list of series automatically” (in “Miscellaneous/Automation”).
  • MyrianSDK:

    • New interfaces for scrapbook, PACS agent, accessing Myrian windows, user list
    • New samples
      • Needle AOI: A complex AOI sample of an ablation needle
      • integration agent: Some improvements
  • Protocols :

    • User settings to customize protocols per user
    • Update of diverse commands (WksOpenSeries, WksChangeSeriesLayout, ViewClose, ViewExportRoi, …)
    • New properties for display, frame
    • Improvement of autoroi
    • Registration capabilities extended to multiple views

… and much more ! Find the complete list of updates on the “Release Notes” sections of the “MyrianSDK.chm” and “Myrian Clinical App Toolkit.chm” documentation files.