Myrian Studio 2.5 is released

Myrian Studio 2.5 version is released and available for download.


The main updates with this version include:

  • Myrian platform:

    • 3D: The volume rendering palette editor has been redesigned for better usability. The endoscope performances have been improved for a faster flythrough speed along the organ centerline.
    • ROI: 3D regions can now be saved as a new series in a study using the DICOM SEG SOPclass. DICOM SEG objects can be imported as Myrian ROIs.
    • Reprography: DICOM tags are now displayed in the corner of each film frame instead of captured image corners
    • Study List: Some icons indicating if a Study/series have been exported, printed or burned to CDROM
    • Windowing: The user can now toggle through multiple window/level presets if stored in the DICOM images. Support of Dicom images with multiple windowing center/width: (0028,1050), (0028,1051).
    • AOI creation dialogue: The dialog box has been simplified removing unneeded buttons.
      An important work was done regarding the stability of the application, with several bug fixes.
    • Q/R can now be canceled (Myrian Research only)
    • Distance/Text/Arrow annotations were modified and are now saved in multiphase views.
    • Padding values are now handled, only for display yet.
  • MyrianSDK:

    • Fixed a bug in VOP that could lead to the parameter windows missing the localized name of the VOP.
    • ISDKViewportInfo::DICOMToViewport/ISToViewport: fix a bug in multi-volume context (multiphase protocol) . The methods did not handle input volume correctly in this context.
    • ISDKViewportImage: new interface to raster image/ROI content on viewports. Also provides image to viewport coordinate conversion.
  • Protocols:

    • Breaking change: Angle attribute in the element of layout protocols is obsolete. Angles are no more displayed between 2 distances annotations.
    • Frame element: Added the "active" attribute to specify the default active viewport. Added the "align" attribute to stick the image on a viewport border.
    • New tutorial: Capturing layouts
    • New built-in custom toolbox is-localizer.
    • <trigger> element is now available in display protocols.
    • Improvement of the panning inter-categories synchronization rule.
    • Enhancement of the windowing category synchronization rule.

… and much more! Find the complete list of updates on the “Release Notes” sections of the “MyrianSDK.chm” and “Myrian Clinical App Toolkit.chm” documentation files.