Myrian Studio 2.6.1 is released

Myrian Studio 2.6.1 version is released and available for download.


The main updates with this version include :

  • Myrian platform:

    • ispilot:
      • Fix crash in myrian with command -autodelete
      • Fix for -httpuser. -user were converted automatically to -httpuser
    • Extended support of dce time retrieval. dicom_query file can be customized now (shared file)
    • Additional support of some diffusion series
    • Crash fix
      • fix crash when using "export Ooi to pacs" in study list
      • fix crashes of Myrian if loading of a view fails for any reason
      • fix crash in import queue when VOP series have same SeriesInstanceUID
    • fix database loading performance issue
    • Some changes in logs to reduce unnecessary logs and simplify debugging
    • fix export to PACS menu does not support more than 100 PACS
    • fix selector window not showing the category names in integrated mode
    • fix export of 16bits images from scrapbook with "RGB" mode selected (windowing must be removed)
    • fix reformat scouts ordering when using multiple stacks
    • XL-TumorBoard can now be activated
    • Add a button to open the study list from the RIS screen (only if ris mode = 3) (tech support request)
    • fix empty QP+timeline when opening a view with an activeX protocol
  • MyrianSDK:

    • ISDKViewportInfo: fix DICOMToVoxel/VoxelToDICOM in native case. The conversion was failing and always giving 0,0,0