Myrian Studio 2.6.2 is released

Myrian Studio 2.6.2 version is released and available for download.


The main updates with this version include :

  • New features
    • New zoom mode: Actual Pixel Size (1:1)
    • New setting value to export ROIs and volume as RGB in a single series (EXPORTCHANNEL=RGBMIXEDROI)
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix crash when dropping a series from the QP in a maximized layout
    • Fix crash when transposing a ROI between 2 volumes, one of which cannot be reconstructed (native pure), e.g. for a CR volume.
    • Fix crash when studies are being received and DBMS restarts
    • Fix crash when loading a mouse profile with a complex AOI on the left button
    • Fix possible crash when discarding localizers series while the series is being imported (may appear as a random crash).
    • Fix: ispilot -quit was not working when Myrian was started with -user or -httpuser
    • Fix: preferences and study list icons are now shown in ris mode=2 for power users, and only for them.
    • Fix: default factory localizer was preventing the loading CT series when the image type was not ORIGINAL\PRIMARY. The constraint was removed.