Myrian Studio 2.6.3 is released

Myrian Studio 2.6.3 version is released and available for download.


The main updates with this version include :

  • Bug fixes
    • Fix missing shortcut Ctrl+I to hide button panel and information bars
    • Fix deactivation of shutters was effective only on first image in the displayed series, it now applies to all images
    • Fix recurrent DBMS crashes and unexpected lag on DBMS closure
    • Fix mismanagement of the mouse button tools assignation when primary - secondary tools is checked (leading to strange behavior after creating a new AOI)
    • Fix distance measurement with old annotation
    • Fix crash when scrapbook contains images from different Myrian version
    • Fix crash when using Vessels Correction (Multi-click) tool in a 3D viewport
    • Fix DICOM printing incorrect image size when using EMPTY=WHITE