Myrian Studio 2.6 is released

Myrian Studio 2.6 version is released and available for download.


The main updates with this version include :

  • Myrian platform:

    • Reformatting tools have been enhanced and new reformatting modes added.
    • New tools for protocol customization.
    • Protocol/settings: mechanisms for dispatching settings (global or user specific) amongst a large installed base.
  • MyrianSDK:

    • Mapping services:
      • Provide access to the registration matrix between 2 series. This is not available for soft/non-rigid matching.
      • Now works with any IImage3D (except local buffers)
    • ISDKKeyboardShortcutHandler : New interface for handling keyboard shortcuts
    • Bug fixes on ISDKViewportImage :
      • fix improper debug assert for RasterViewport with channels CHANNEL_OFFSET, CHANNEL_OFFSET32 and CHANNEL_OFFSET64.
      • fix incorrect return value (false returned while the call is successful) for RasterRaw/GetRawInfo/GetViewportImageInfo
  • Protocols :

    • Customizable keyboard shortcuts, possibly overridden in display protocols
    • Breaking change: Protocol settings should be saved in their own files
    • New properties for loading interiorities’
    • New functionalities regarding user settings: help icons, user rights/conditions, new display functionalities (combo with images)

… and much more ! Find the complete list of updates on the “Release Notes” sections of the “MyrianSDK.chm” and “Myrian Clinical App Toolkit.chm” documentation files.