includes the following elements:

Myrian® SDK

A C++ SDK for developers to create add-ons and integrate new technology in the Myrian® platform

Myrian® Clinical App Toolkit

An advanced Clinical Application Toolkit, XML based, to create optimized reading workflows with dedicated user interfaces and tools

Myrian® SDK

Native C++ interfaces to create add-ons

Myrian® SDK is a set of C++ interfaces and libraries that allow third-party developers to extend the possibilities of the platform by the mean of binary add-ons (DLL). Using add-ons, you can create viewports, toolboxes, tools, viewport overlays, volume processors, detection engines to generate ROI or annotations.

Within the SDK, the SDK library provides more than 100 C++ classes to help you create your add-ons. Those classes address various fields: user interface, algorithms for medical imaging, mathematics, file I/O, interaction with the operating system, localization and many more.

Note: if you have trouble opening the CHM files, it's probably for security reasons. Check the following post on the Forum.

Myrian® Clinical App Toolkit

XML to create protocols, scenarios and toolbars

The Myrian® Clinical App Toolkit is a set of XML files called Clinical Elements that allow third-party product engineers to create new clinical applications for Myrian®. Using a simple XML syntax, you can create protocols, scenarios and toolbars.
You can also evaluate conditions and execute commands.

Note: if you have trouble opening the CHM files it's probably for security reasons. Check the following post on the Forum.


Develop C++ based DLLs to add new technology

> An add-on is a binary module in the form of a Windows DLL.
> It exposes a set of pre-defined functions to allow Myrian® to recognize it and talk with it.
> It is located in the runtime folder of Myrian®

> An add-on object is a C++ class implemented in your DLL and that C++ class implements an interface (=abstract C++ class) defined in the SDK files.
> An add-on can implement all the objects it requires to provide a full clinical application: ROI, AOI, viewports, button groups, tools, volume processing operators, etc.

For more information check the FAQ and the technical forum.

Myrian® Studio, designed by INTRASENSE

Myrian® Studio is released by Intrasense, a French medical imaging software company.

Our development team is based in Montpellier, in the south of France.

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