The new myrian connector for Matlab® is available

Write your Segmentation or volume processing function with Matlab®*, compile them and copy the generated dll inside the myrian addon folder and you will get a new operator available in Myrian® without any C++ coding required !


The Matlab® connector is one of the major new functionnality coming with the 2.1 version. It allows you to convert your code into segmentation engines or volume operators for Myrian®, provided you respect the prototype we describe in the documentation for your main input function. You can then use your algorithm as any other one in Myrian®, add input parameters, integrate it in a processing workflow, use measure or editing tool, or build a complete application with the clinical app XML toolkit.

We provide a complete documentation and several samples to illustrate the possibilities. For the complete help please refer to “MyrianSDK.chm” documentation file (/Addon Objects / Myrian Connector for Matlab section).


* MATLAB® is a registered trademark of the MathWorks, Inc.

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