Myrian Studio 2.1 is released

The 2.1 version of Myrian studio is released, you can get it from our download page.

Enjoy !

The main updates with this version are :

  • A connector for Matlab is now included with the SDK to let you use your Matlab code directly inside Myrian without any C++ required. A dedicated post is coming on the subject 😉
  • A new sample”radioembolisation” is provided that demonstrate a complete clinical application build with Myrian Studio. It includes a volume operator, a custom viemport, a workspace listener and a dedicated protocol.
  • The workspace now support multiple scenarios opened at the same time.

For the more curious, find a complete list of changes on the “Release Notes” sections of the “MyrianSDK.chm” and “Myrian Clinical App Toolkit.chm” documentation files.


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